Monday, September 23, 2013

13 Bars: Your Country Music and Lifestyle Connection

A Country Lifestyle Blog Connecting You to New Country Music and News

The country music lifestyle is one that has shaped American culture for years.  The words of our favorite country artists embody the ideals we live and love: patriotism, working hard, loving long, and  most importantly, having a damn good time along the way.  Here at 13 Bars we want to create a blog that will keep its finger on the pulse of the country lifestyle and tell you all you need to know so you can spend less time searching the internet for country music and more time living the words in the lyrics.  We have a passion for all things country music and culture.  From the notable to the no-names we have you covered with the newest country music, clothing, news and more.  We plan to do features such as new artist spotlight, new single reviews, album reviews, country lifestyle posts, clothing spotlights and of course all breaking news in the world of country music.  Given that we've just started our blogging here at 13 Bars we look forward to hearing your input as to how we could improve our site for the future.  We welcome suggestions regarding new features and tips that we could add to the blog all of which can be directed to

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