Thursday, September 26, 2013

John Thompson: "Cold Beer With Your Name On It" - Review

Studies Shows Beer Tastes Better To This Tune

Josh Thompson has been around country music for a while and his songs could make the mayor of a dry town pop a top and start drowning suds.  His beer-themed song "Beer on the Table"made waves in country music in the summer of 2009 as a great song to listen to at the end of the week while throwing a few cans of brew back.  Fast forward 4 years and Thompson is releasing a new song titled "Cold Beer With Your Name On It" that pays homage to barley soda in all its glory.  This catchy song about catching up with an old flame over a cold one will no doubt be a chart climber and a country radio success.  Thompson released the official lyric video (available above) yesterday and the clean cut has us excited to hear more from this rugged country star in the near future.

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