Monday, September 30, 2013

Songs You May Not Know

Songs You May Not Have Heard By The Artists You Love

"Sing 'Em Good My Friend" - Kenny Chesney

The last 2 albums that Kenny Chesney released "Welcome To The Fishbowl" (2012) and "Life On a Rock" (2013) haven't been Chesney's most successful albums, but include hidden gems that were never released as radio singles.  This song off "Welcome To The Fishbowl" is hands down one of our favorites.

Check out Kenny's most recent album and "Sing 'Em Good My Friend" Here

"My Girl" - John David Kent

This single off JDK's self titled debut album, which was released back in 2011 is a song that might have been easy to miss in the past, but it is a truly great country song.  Be sure to also check out JDK's new album "Before The Sun Comes Up", which was released today.

Check out JDK's past and present hits Here

"Country In My Soul" - Florida Georgia Line

This hit was released as bonus single on the Target Only Edition of FGL's most recent album "Here's To The Good Times".  FGL even played it a few times live during this summer's Dirt Road Diaries Tour where they opened for LUke Bryan.  It was definitely one of our favorite songs of the summer, and if you haven't heard it yet, it's bound to become an instant favorite.

Check out the Target Only Edition Here

"Country & Cold Cans" - Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley has always been a country star, but it seems like some of his best songs never make the radio, and therefore fly under the radar.  Back in 2012 Dierks released the "Country & Cold Cans" EP, which included nothing but 4 hits including this track.

Check out Dierks Bentley's EP Here

"Dirt Road Diary" - Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is a country superstar releasing hit after hit after hit.  However, some our favorites are the songs that never make it as radio singles, and aren't ever in the billboard top charts, including this track off his most recent album "Crash My Party", which was released back in August.

Check out the album and track Here

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