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Album Review - We Are Tonight

Billy Currington's "We Are Tonight" Album

On most albums these days, songs seem to blend together and lack distinctive luster.  Fortunately for country music, Billy Currington's newest release "We Are Tonight" has ten songs, each with its own distinct feel.  From party anthems to sultry songs, to Jack Johnson covers, Currington solidifies himself as one of the most versatile and consistent country stars to have hit the country scene in years.

Song By Song Breakdown

1. Hey Girl 

Hey Girl was Currington's first single release from the "We Are Tonight" album and it has been flying up the charts ever since its introduction in March of this year.  If you've heard this one, it's been stuck in your head all day and you have loved every second of it.  One of the catchiest tunes of 2013, Hey Girl created a lot of buzz surrounding Currington's album and has no doubt been partly responsible for its widespread success.

2. Wingman

Wingman is a whimsical song about Billy's buddy that pulls a fast one on him and heads home with the girl he's been eying.  With a fast paced beat supplemented with heavy brass elements, this song is bound to have you bobbing your head and whistling along in no time at all.

3. One Way Ticket

Listening to this one you might mistake Currington for country great Alan Jackson with a prominent steel guitar and a feel good melody.  Currington is a champion of the feel-good song and this one is a perfect example of that as he preaches "enjoying the ride" and fulfilling a bucket list.  All told this one is a great classic country song.

4.  23 Degrees And South

This one will make your loved ones heart melt.  With sultry verses and a touching string solo Currington puts out another love song that has a laid back feel.  Mixing elements of "Must Be Doing Something Right" and ballads by Chesney, 23 Degrees and South is sure to be a popular song with fans of slower relaxing country music.

5. We Are Tonight - 13 Bars Pick of the Album

The title track for this album lives up to the hype as a young country fan's anthem.  This track is upbeat, fun, and will likely make a huge splash on country radio when it's released as a single.  With references to beer on riverbanks, young love, and living "like there's no tomorrow" We Are Tonight is relatable to the younger generation that has been responsible for much of the recent introduction of country music into popular culture.  Look out for this one because it will be a hit in no time!

6. Hard to be a Hippie (feat. Willie Nelson)

What better way to guarantee a great tune than to feature one of the greats of country music Willie Nelson?  This song has something for the older generation that loves steel guitar twang and the days of old when hitchhiking and getting high were a way of life.  This meshing of new and old is an experiment that makes for a jam for all ages.

7. Closer Tonight

If you loved "Must Be Doing Something Right" you'll love this soft jam.  This song, albeit a bit more uptempo than the sultry title track from "Doin' Something Right", is an emotional tune with an extremely catchy chorus.

8. Another Day Without You

Another Day Without You is a tale of heartache and longing that captures the emotions of feeling lost without someone.  In typical Currington fashion the chorus will have you singing along all day long.  Catchy and smooth this one is another classic in a line of great songs from Currington's "We Are Tonight" album.

9. Banana Pancakes (Jack Johnson Cover)

As if this album didn't have enough variety, Currington comes up with a cool country take on a feel-good Jack Johnson classic.  Banana Pancakes will have you tapping your feet along to the beat in no time and enjoying the steel and electric guitar and soft melodies.  Listen to the whole track for a very cool switch up on the classic that will have you raising an eyebrow!

10. Hallelujah

Hallelujah is a huge switch up for Currington.  There's a soul gospel feel to this song that works well with Currington's distinct voice.  If you don't feel good after listening to Currington's Hallelujah you may very well not be human.

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