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Brett Eldredge - "Bring You Back" Album Review

"Don't Ya" Backed Up With Solid album

After Brett Eldredge's single "Don't Ya" hit it big, everyone was curious what his "Bring You Back" album would look like.  As it turns out, Eldredge has put together a great record with a perfect mix of fun uptempo tunes and soothing songs that suit his unique voice perfectly.  Eldredge gained notoriety in 2010 with his release of his first single "Raymond" and was not heard from again on a large scale until he burst back onto the scene with "Don't Ya".  After this fun flirty tune reached number one on the US Country Airplay chart, Eldredge released his album and just recently, a new radio single called "Beat Of The Music".  This album, reminiscent of southern soul singer Marc Broussard's album "Carencro", has wet our appetites for more Brett Eldredge music but for the time being, we'll just sit back and enjoy "falling in love to the beat of the music".

Song By Song Breakdown

1. Tell Me Where To Park - 13 Bars Pick of the Album
Tell Me Where to Park is infectious with a southern soul beat that sends off cajun vibes.  If the beat isn't enough to get your blood flowing then the steamy lyrics certainly will as Eldredge outlines a night of aimless driving coming to a head as he switches the gear to park.  Our favorite song from the album, Tell Me Where to Park is a good one to keep an eye on as it seems destined for country radio success.

2. Don't Ya

If you haven't heard this one yet you've no doubt been living under a rock for the entire summer.  This mid-tempo tune is flirty, fun, and catchy which has led to it's takeover of country radio.  Don't Ya pushed Eldredge into the public eye for the first time since "Raymond" and gave him the publicity he needed to make "Bring You Back" an overwhelming success.

3. Bring You Back
The title track from Eldredge's album slows it down a bit with a story of love lost and the feverish attempt to get it back.  Eldredge's deep, full-bodied voice really comes through in this one and his passion gives the song an added dimension.

4. On and On
The 4th song on the "Bring You Back" album tells the story of a shy guy who opens up at the thought of a particular gal.  This one is simple but effective, refreshing, and the perfect song to listen to as the sun goes down on a long day.

5. Gotta Get There
Gotta Get There is an interesting song with cool voice inflections that have you bobbing your head and whistling along.  As Eldredge spins a tale of making a trip to a loved one, he makes making good music sound easy with a simple synth piano and drum set providing most of the backing.

6. One Mississippi
With a smooth piano laying the foundation, this slow Eldredge ballad really highlights the depth of his voice.  This is the kind of song that really makes you step back and appreciate simple artistry and a voice that doesn't come around often.

7. Beat of the Music

This one will have you tapping your foot and falling in love, well... to the Beat of the Music.  A fun tale of love in Mexico, Beat of the Music is a big switch from its predecessor on the album, One Mississippi.  As we mentioned before, this is Eldredge's current single off of the album so you can expect to hear it on the radio in the near future.

8. Waited Too Long
This jam tells a story of missing out on a chance at love with someone that Eldredge has taken for granted.  The similarity between Eldredge's voice and that of Marc Broussard is particularly noticeable in this soulful ditty.

9. Mean To Me
If you ever want a loved one's heart to melt, simply throw Eldredge's album on and play the ninth song.  Mean To Me is a sweet serenade that's hard not to fall in love with as a listener.  With a creative approach to the love song, Eldredge comes up with a song that will likely be quoted in many a love letter.

10. Signs
This one is more traditional country song that sounds like it could have been written for Brad Paisley.  With steel guitar elements, electric guitar and fiddle solos, and small town lyrics, Eldredge spins a song that Nashville will surely fall in love with.

11. Raymond
Raymond is a song that many of us remember from 2010 as the song that introduced us to Brett Eldredge.  A sweet song that tells the tale of a woman with Alzheimer's who addresses Eldredge as "Raymond" thinking he is her son.  If you haven't heard it or simply haven't heard it in a while, give it a listen and make your day a better one.

12. Go On Without Me
From one story of loss to another, Eldredge sings this one with a soothing voice and harmonies sure to impress you.  All said, this song is a great way to end an impeccable album that you're sure to enjoy in its entirety.

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