Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Popular In Country: "Strong" - Will Hoge

I'm sure you've seen Chevy's latest ad campaign.  They highlight the American midwest, a cowboy lifestyle built on hard work and dignity, something rarely seen in America lately.  Behind the ad is the voice of Will Hoge.  He has a strong sound and a sort of country/rock soul.  Ever since the ad came out I needed to know who this guy was and what the name of the song was.  "Strong" has earned Hoge notoriety lately, however it isn't his only hit.  Hoge just released an album back on Oct. 15 - "Never Give In".  The album is full of hits including this most popular track "Strong"and we highly recommend you check it out.

Check out Will Hoge's new album and track "Strong" Here

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eric Church - "The Outsiders" Release & Album Expectations

The Outsiders Are Poised to Take Over Country Music

     Country got a little more badass yesterday with the release of Eric Church's "The Outsiders" to iTunes. Ever since his rugged tracks from his Chief album hit it big, Church has been the poster-boy for rocking country music and "The Outsiders" solidifies this position on top.  In his latest single, Church takes his signature bad boy attitude to the next level by mixing country music with elements of Tom Petty (listen to when he says "and the regulators born to regulate") and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (check out the bass solo towards the end of the tune).  This makes for a crossover tune that shows musical maturity that bodes well for the future of Eric Church's recording and performance career.
     Above is a video Church released via Facebook last week that got the Church Choir faithful excited for some new content after more than two years of patient waiting.  This new release does the job of satiating his fans' hunger for the time being but now the focus will turn to the expectation of a new album.  We expect Church to really carve out his own niche in country music as the bad boy rocker with both his latest anthem and the upcoming album.  Church already has a cult following in country-rock circles but if his upcoming is as impressive as Chief, we can expect to see Church headlining a major tour this upcoming summer.  Church has all the tools to become entertainer of the year in the future, despite being a self-proclaimed country music "outsider".  As you lay in wait for Church's new content, get jacked up by putting "The Outsiders" on repeat with the volume up as high as it can go.

Check this tune on out iTunes Here and just imagine this one being played in concert. Can you say electric?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Drink Pick

Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale

Every year in August, Shipyard Brewery of Portland, Maine releases a seasonal specialty brew - Pumpkinhead Ale.  It's the perfect compliment to the change in season, as nothing goes better with falling leaves than this beer.  It tastes like fall in a bottle, and is a New England favorite.  It's quite simply delicious, and a must have throughout Autumn.  To entice your taste buds even more, drink it out of glass that is garnished with a cinnamon and sugar rim.  It's so different than just your typical Bud Light or Coors Light that you might be used to drinking regularly, and we can guarantee it'll definitely be one of your favorites for the fall season.  Not to mention it goes very nicely with a bonfire and some country music.

Check out Shipyard's website for more information on Pumpkinhead Ale as well as other brews HERE

13 Bars Rising Star: Levi Riggs

Back in mid-August Levi Riggs released his first full album, "I'm Good".  He's been in the country game for awhile, releasing his first 2 EP's back to back in August of 2011 - "There's Still A Place For That" and "Hillbilly Superstar".  However, both those EP's were preceded by 2 singles released back in the winter and summer of 2010 - "F-150" and "Tailgate Time".  So as you can see he's no new-comer, and he's pretty damn good as a matter of fact.  Riggs has performed with many of country's biggest names, including Jason Aldean and Jake Owen.  He's one of country music's rising stars, and sounds very similar to Craig Morgan.  If you haven't heard of this guy before, be sure to check him out, he's no joke and will be one of country music's household names in the near future.

Check out everything about Levi Riggs including his music, tour dates, bio, and much more on his website HERE

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Words Of Wisdom From Granger Smith

Socrates, Plato, Granger Smith.  

Follow Granger Smith on Twitter for more redneck wisdom Here

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's Popular In Country Today

Ole Smoky Moonshine

Moonshine has been immortalized by country music.  It's mentioned by nearly every artist, and drew a lot of attention from Jake Owen's hit track "Apple Pie Moonshine".  The elusive drink goes hand in hand with guitars and good times.  It has been a notorious drink because of it's legality, however, over the past few years legal moonshine company's have begun popping up all over the United States, and they certainly don't lack quality and flavor.  Ole Smoky is the first legal moonshine introduced to Tennessee.  They offer a number of flavors from classics like Original  and White Lightning to Apple Pie and Blackberry.  If you haven't had the chance to enjoy Ole Smoky with country music, now's the perfect time to grab a jar of Apple Pie Moonshine and enjoy a brisk autumn night around the fire.  Ole Smoky distills some of the smoothest alcohol you can drink... straight out of the jar.  

Check out Ole Smoky's story and recipes Here

Follow Ole Smoky on Twitter for news and updates Here

Check out Jake's track "Apple Pie Moonshine" on iTunes Here

Album Review - "Ready Set Roll"

Chase Rice is Ready and Rolling

Chase Rice has done it all with a history in college football, NASCAR, Survivor, and country music.  This rising star of country has followed a formula that has taken off with popularity lately by meshing country themes and elements of pop and rap.  Today, Rice released a six song Extended Play that has the country-pop crossover fans licking their chops.  His sound is far from traditional but it has already taken off as the top selling album on iTunes this week and there is undoubtedly no looking back for this jack of all trades.

Song By Song Breakdown

Ready Set Roll

Chase Rice has had success with country pop songs in the past and this song certainly reflects that past success.  With an intro fit for Will.I.Am and pop elements dominating the song's theme, Ready Set Roll seems destined for crossover success.  Pop radio and Country radio will jump at the chance to play this song as it has a similar sound to Florida Georgia Line's Cruise Remix with rap star Nelly.  Traditionalists will certainly not jump at this tune but the newest wave of country music fans will love this track.

Party Up featuring Colt Ford
With this tune, Chase Rice appeals to the established fans of Hick Hop by teaming up with its innovator Colt Ford.  If there was any doubt as to whether Rice was appealing to young country fans with this EP, this song snuffs it out by singing about partying and loud music.  Party Up certainly isn't going to hit it big with Cash fans but don't be surprised to hear this tune all over the tailgate scene in 2014.

Country In Ya
Make no mistake about it, Country In Ya is a Hick Hop tune through and through.  The introduction instrumental could be mistaken for a rapper's beat and Rice comes through with some polished pipes alongside some rapping that will have crossover fans excited.  If there any question as to whether the latest country rap trend was going anywhere, Rice's Country In Ya answers with a resounding no.

Look At My Truck - 13 Bars Pick of The Album
With Look At My Truck, fans will get a glimpse at Rice's softer side through reminiscing lyrics and a soothing country verse.  As Rice takes it to the chorus, we get back to the pop feel and the transition from verse to chorus is seamless.  We love the feel of this song as it keeps its country integrity and feel all while appealing to a broader audience.  Look for this song to have widespread radio success in the future.

Best Beers Of Our Lives
This country-pop crossover tune will be dominating the barbecue and tailgate scene in 2014 for the younger crowd.  With lyrics referencing booze, partying, girls and the "best beers of our lives", this tune has all of the requisites required of a popular contemporary crossover party song and we have no doubt that it will reach great success.

How She Rolls
Fans of Chase Rice have heard this tune before as it has been released as a single previously.  This tune is more of a marrying of country and rock and it is the kind of song that will have you cranking up the volume in your car or truck.  If you've been a fan of Chase Rice's early work, this song keeps with his earlier style of country rock and it will be a welcomed revisit for most.

Check out the EP on iTunes Here

Friday, October 11, 2013

Justin Moore - "Lettin' The Night Roll" Review

Moore's Southern Love Makes for a Killer Tune

Justin Moore has always been one of country's good ole boys singing songs about fishing, the backwoods and kicking some ass.  But with "Lettin' the Night Roll", Moore slows it down a little bit, citing a rise in female attendance at his shows as the rationale.  Moore has been making the ladies swoon of late with tunes such as "Til My Last Day" and "Point at You" making for big releases in the female demographic.  It's hard not to love Moore because he sticks to his guns and consistently puts out traditional country songs and still sees mainstream success.  While he does have some contemporary country songs on his latest album "Off The Beaten Path", he has released songs with his signature pure country twang thus far.  It will be interesting to see which way Justin goes from here and whether he maintains his pure country persona or starts to lean more towards the likes of Luke Bryan.  Either way the product will be polished and radio ready as it always is for Moore but in the meantime we'd rather cut the speculation and enjoy some good music from a great country artist.  Check out Moore take on the cut below and be sure to check it out on iTunes Here

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rodney Atkins - "Doin' It Right" Review

Rodney Atkins Does it Right

Rodney Atkins is certainly not a stranger to country music success with songs like, "These Are My People", "Watching You" and "Take A Back Road" having hit it big on country radio.  Fortunately for Atkins, his latest single "Doin' It Right" has a similar ring to it as all of his previous hits with the same small town charm.  "Doin It Right" is a really uplifting tune that outlines the goodness within us all and that is undoubtedly an idea we can all get behind.  The songwriter, Jay Knowles, has written songs for some of country music's best including Alan Jackson and George Straight.  This time around Knowles hooked up with Atkins who seems to be the perfect singer for this number and its makes for a surefire hit.  Atkins is also enlisting the help of his fans in the making of the lyric video for this song.  Check out the specifics in the video below.

Listen to the preview of "Doin' It Right" on iTunes Here

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today's New Releases

Big Name Releases Make Today a Big Day for Country


Joe Nichols - Crickets
Joe Nichols comes out with a true country album with 16 songs for $7.99.  It's a great value for some phenomenal country tunes so check it out Here

Cassadee Pope - Frame By Frame

Featuring her hits: Wasting All These Tears, Champagne, and 11. Check it out on iTunes Here

Kenny Rogers - You Can't Make Old Friends

At 13 Bars we always love when a country legend comes out with a new album and this release is not an exception.  Check out Kenny's new album featuring a song with Dolly Parton on iTunes Here

Joey & Rory - Made to Last

Stars of the 2008 CMT's show "Can You Duet", Joey Rory have released a new album today and we encourage you to give it along with all of their other work Here


Rodney Atkins -  Doin' It Right

Rodney Atkins has been giving his fans great music for a while now with songs such as If You're Going Through Hell, Take a Backroad, and It's America receiving widespread acclaim.  Today, Atkins released his latest single Doin' It Right and you can check it out Here

Dallas Smith - Tippin' Point

Dallas Smith seems to be at the tipping point to breaking into country music stardom and his latest release, Tippin' Point might provide the push he needs in order to make it big.  Check out our review of the song Here and check it out on iTunes Here

Whiskey Myers - Home

You may not be familiar with Whiskey Myers yet but we don't doubt that you will be soon.  These guys are a country rock band and their new single home will be sure to get your blood flowing so check it out Here


Chase Rice - Ready Set Roll

The buzzed about EP from Chase Rice, Ready Set Roll, went on pre-sale today and it is slated to be a huge hit with the title single already knocking Thomas Rhett out of second place on the iTunes single chart.  Check this one out today and with your pre-order you get the single Ready Set Roll as an immediate download Here

*UPDATE* Lady Antebellum - Golden Deluxe Edition
Lady Antebellum just announced via twitter that their album Golden Deluxe is on pre-sale on their website! check it out right Here

Expect reviews of these releases in the days to come!

What's Popular In Country Today

Fireball Whisky

Fireball Whisky has become a highly sought out compliment to country music over the past year.  Ever since a shout out by Florida Georgia Line in the hit track "Round Here", the demand seems to have soared off the charts.  Its a smooth cinnamon flavored Canadian whisky that tastes similarly to the candy Red Hot Fireballs.  It's rich flavor goes down extremely easy, and it is easily drank neat. However, if you prefer not to drink it straight, our favorite drink is a "Twisted Balls": 1 part Fireball, 5 parts Twisted Tea, 1 lemon wedge.  Simply pour the ingredients over ice and enjoy.  It goes well when you're rocking to country music giving you the sweet cinnamon taste as well as the sweet tea flavor - with a bit of a kick.  Head down to your local watering hole or package store and pick up some Fireball Whisky, it "tastes like heaven, burns like hell".

Follow Fireball Whisky on Twitter for news Here

Check out their website for news, updates, and their story Here

"Round Here" - Florida Georgia Line

Artist You Might Know: Brinley Addington

Brinley Addington is another talent that seems to have just slipped through the cracks and is yet to reach the stardom that he deserves.  He's got a great sound, similar to Luke Bryan or Blake Shelton, and much like those artists, Addington has tracks that range from a fun loving party attitude, to a melancholy love story.  He certainly does not lack the talent that a country star needs, as he's even performed with the likes of arguably country's hottest band: Florida Georgia Line.  Addington just released a single back in mid August "Better On a Boat", and we definitely suggest that you check out that track as well all of Brinley Addington's music.  Look for this guy to be a name in mainstream country music in the near future.

Check out all of Brinley Addington's music including his new single on iTunes Here

The Next Great Country Duo?

One Night Rodeo

One Night Rodeo has been around for years, but gained most of their notoriety when they won the 2008 Great American Country Star Competition.  The duo can rock, and remind us of Montgomery Gentry with their style, lyrics, and attitude.  If you haven't gotten the chance to listen to these guys before, we highly suggest you check them out.  They may not have reached country stardom yet, but who knows what the future holds.  We believe it looks good for One Night Rodeo.

Check out all One Night Rodeos music on iTunes Here

New To Us: Jake McVey

Jake McVey is no new comer to country music, but he is new to us.  His debut album was released way back in 2006, titled "Unknown Highway".  We are always interested in discovering talent that's slipped through cracks, much like McVey.  He has a rich sound much like Alan Jackson or Garth Brooks, which you can hear in the song "Anything Is Possible" that is posted above.  If you've missed out on McVey but enjoy a rich country sound much like we do, be sure to check him out.

Check out all of McVey's albums on iTunes Here

Monday, October 7, 2013

Top 10 iTunes Singles

Most Popular Songs on iTunes this week

1. That's My Kinda Night - Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan's country pop crossover tune That's My Kinda Night is atop the iTunes single chart again this week and it likely will stay there for a while.  Luke Bryan's popularity amongst both country fans and pop aficionados is matched only by Taylor Swift.  But right now Luke Bryan is all the rage with his latest album Crash My Party controlling the country pop scene.

2. It Goes Like This - Thomas Rhett
It Goes Like this is Thomas Rhett's first real smash single after his last single Something To Do With My Hands propelled him into the limelight.  As an opening act for Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert and Jake Owen this past summer, Rhett has gotten looks from tons of country music fans and this song's popularity is proof that they liked what they heard.

3. Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran
Taylor Swift's country pop crossover success is undeniable and it has made her one of of music's most recognizable faces.  For this tune Taylor teamed up with her RED tour companion Ed Sheeran and it has been incredibly popular in both pop and country circles.

4. Mine Would Be You - Blake Shelton
Fresh off of the success of his catchy tune Boys Round Here, Blake Shelton released this sweet tune about Blake's perfect girl (wife Miranda Lambert).  This tune has climbed the country charts for months now and for good reason, its an undeniably well polished song.

5. Night Train - Jason Aldean
This mid tempo Aldean hit single is the title track to his latest album and stadium tour all of which have had tremendous success.  This song along with Aldean's talent and experience have some people buzzing as to whether his tour will be the biggest country tour of 2014 in Kenny Chesney's leave of absence from stadium performances.

6. Wasting All These Tears - Cassadee Pope
Cassadee Pope, winner of NBC's The Voice, has ridden her success in the show to crack the top 10 iTunes singles.  Her new album, Frame by Frame is due out tomorrow and if this single's popularity is any indication, her freshman album will be an overwhelming success.

7. Whatever She's Got - David Nail
David Nail has been popular in country music ever since his 2007 single I'm About to Come Alive hit it big.  His biggest hit "Let it Rain" reached number one on the US Country charts and his latest single looks like it might rival that success.

8. Drunk Last Night - Eli Young Band
While touring with Kenny Chesney and Eric Church this summer, Eli Young Band released this song that has spread around country music like wildfire.  Drunk Last Night may not rival the success of Even If It Breaks Your Heart yet, but we certainly think it has the potential to reach that level of notoriety.

9. We Were Us - Keith Urban & Miranda Lambert
This tune off of Keith Urban's album Fuse is a powerful duet by two of country music's biggest names. We Were Us was the second single released off of Keith Urban's latest album and it has yet to reach the peek of its popularity so expect to hear this one on country radio for a while to come.

10. Hey Girl - Billy Currington
Billy Currington's latest album We Are Tonight has had a lot of success over the past few weeks thanks in large part to the success of the first single Hey Girl.  It has been up on the iTunes top ten charts for a while now but it looks like its about to lose its spot to some of the more recent releases.

13 Bars Must Listen: "Like A Whisper" - Ashton Lane & Jacqueline Tessier Platt

You may have never heard of this band before, and for that, you're missing out.  Ashton Lane is a country band from Scotland - yes we know, that's a little different and may turn you away.  However, country music is not limited to one city, one state, one country, it's clear that it's expanded everywhere, and don't count these guys out because of their origins.  The band has a very similar sound to Lady Antebellum or The Band Perry, and that is no joke.  Earlier this year, back in March, they released the country single "Like A Whisper", and I'm regretful that it took us this long to discover it, because it's a great song.  The band teamed up with aspiring lyricist Jacqueline Tessier Platt.  Ashton Lane actually has a very unique and interesting concept - "Bespoken Songs".  They allow anyone who has lyrics or even an idea for a song to reach out to them and try to work in unison to produce a track, which is how Jacqueline reached them.  Together, Ashton Lane and Jacqueline co-wrote the single, as well as another one titled "I Can Breathe You In".  Jacqueline is an amazing lyricist who's an acclaimed and awarded poet, but has a true passion for music.  She's trying to break into the country music scene, which we believe won't be hard for her after the great work she did with Ashton Lane.  The song has a soft melody, and touching, soft lyrics that could be traced back to Jacqueline's background in poetry.  Ashton Lane has a great acoustic sound, and you can hear there pop background in their music, which works extremely well for them.  They have a great sound, and a truly amazing single in "Like A Whisper" that you need to check out.  Ashton Lane is also giving you a chance to get 7 free songs so be sure to click on the link we posted below. We can't praise this band and song enough, so you have to listen for yourself:

Check out the single "Like A Whisper" on iTunes Here

Check out Ashton Lane's last album "Magic In The Air" Here

Check out Ashton's Lane's website for news and updates Here

Ashton Lane is giving you the chance to get 7 FREE SONGS HERE

Check out Ashton Lane's SoundCloud Here

Follow Jacqueline Tessier Platt on Twitter for news and updates Here

Check out "I Can Breathe You In" co-written with Jacqueline Here

Follow Ashton Lane on Twitter Here

What's Popular in Country

What Country Fans Are Drinking

Nothing goes with good country music like cold cans, just ask Dierks Bentley.  Alcohol has been a part of country, but not in a destructive way.  Country is all about living the lifestyle and enjoying every second of it, and a cold beer or shot of whiskey can help.


Obviously country fans are drinking beer, nearly every artist has a song where they mention such.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Cheap, all American glory.  Fills you up like a thanksgiving dinner, beats you up like champion boxer. If it's good enough for Clint Eastwood, it's good enough for me.  Grab a 6 pack for America.  Also Zac Brown likes to kick back in the Georgia mud with a PBR in his hand.

Check out the ZBB track that mentions PBR Here

Budweiser/Bud Light

The perfect all American beer for any country concert or day on the back porch.  Just ask Granger Smith, who mentions a "cooler full of blue cans" in his hit track "We Do It In a Field".  

Check out Granger's single Here


A silver bullet is great company when you're enjoying some Jason Aldean.  As you probably know he's Coors' poster boy, and it's never a bad play to enjoy a beer as cold as the rockies.

Check out some Jason Aldean hits to enjoy with your Coors Here

Busch Light

If you're looking to stay on the cheaper side and not put a giant dent in your wallet, this is a solid pick.  Similar to a Bud Light (same distributor), but a little milder.  Toby Keith is a big Busch Light fan as he serves it on tap at his famous Toby Keith's Bar and Grill.

Check out some of Toby's hits to enjoy with your Busch Light Here


Corona is our summer time pick.  It's a great beer that tastes like summer in a bottle when you add a lime wedge.  It's the official beer of Kenny Chesney, who knows how to relax better than anyone.  Grab a 12 pack, kick back, and imagine a beer in Mexico.

Check out Kenny's hit "Beer in Mexico" Here

Friday, October 4, 2013

Party Pick For The Weekend - "Haven't Had a Drink All Day"

For Those Looking to Start the Night Off Right

If you're just out of work on a friday night, this is the first song you should be playing on the ride home.  When it comes times to start tipping a few back, Toby Keith is the guy you want coming through your speakers.  Be it American anthems or just songs about getting tanked, Toby Keith always knows how to kick it into party mode.  In this party jam Keith sings about getting high in the morning and his need to hit the bar to get a few drinks in him.  Be sure to throw this on your party playlist for this weekend and you'll thank us when it comes on after you've drowned your workweek sorrow with a few cold ones.

Check it out on iTunes Here

Rachel Farley - "Midnight Road" Review

Miranda Lambert Meets Kelly Clarkson?

Young country crossover singer Rachel Farley recently released her single "Midnight Road" and it sounds like a pleasant mix of Kelly Clarkson's voice and Miranda Lambert's attitude.  Farley sings about "burning down a black top" and " flying through a red stop" and the whole song's experience is reminiscent of Miranda Lambert's early work.  Farley's incredible vocals over some screaming guitars makes for some serious radio potential for this young artist's second single under Red Bow Records.  Farley's first single, "Ain't Easy", could easily be mistaken for a Miranda Lambert tune and if Lambert's success is any indication, Farley is in for a long lucrative career as country's next bad girl.

Follow Farley on Twitter Here
Check out Midnight Road on iTunes Here

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Album Review - Redneck Crazy

Tyler Farr's New Record Definitely "Makes You Wanna Drink"

Most of us first heard of Tyler Farr when his debut single "Redneck Crazy" made a huge splash on country radio.  The gruff sounding country newcomer rode the success of his hit single with an album under the same name.  Redneck Crazy is a fun album with a solid amount of variety that will likely provide Farr with three or more singles.  If you're into rugged country voices and upbeat modern country, you'll undoubtedly fall in love with this album.  

Song By Song Breakdown

The kickoff song to Farr's album, Dirty is rich with country imagery and fun lyrics that will have you singing along before you know it.  The chorus is a fun take on a country girl loving a country boy and its sure to see success if it is released as a single.

Makes You Wanna Drink
This song is a southern country summer party in lyrical form with mentions of warm weather, girls in daisy dukes, flip flops, and a case of America's favorite cheap bear: Busch Light.  If Farr releases this one as a single next spring, expect to hear it every time you turn on country radio because it has hit summer single written all over it.

Redneck Crazy

If you're reading this blog, you've no doubt heard this seemingly omnipresent country tune about a cheating girl breaking the wrong heart.  Country radio has fallen in love with Redneck Crazy since its release in February which has been a huge component of the overwhelming success of the album.  The music video certainly doesn't lack star power as it features famed country artists Lee Brice and Colt Ford and Duck Dynasty frontman Willie Robertson.

Whiskey In My Water
This mid-tempo jam has some serious radio potential with one of the smoothest chorus's on the album.  With mentions of Whiskey, moonshine and beautiful girls, this tune is destined for mainstream success in country music.

Hot Mess
Another in a line of songs that seems perfect for radio release, Hot Mess tells the story of a girl with a bit of wild side that has Farr's "Heart beating out of [his] chest".  Am upbeat tale about pretty girls rarely flops in country music and Hot Mess will most certainly not be the exception to that rule.

Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye is the first real pace change of the album and its focus on Farr's vocals make it a great addition to the album.  In this one we don't get the normal rugged quality of Farr's voice, instead we get a soothing high register vocal performance that is reminiscent of country megastar Vince Gill.  Pretty good company if you ask us.

Ain't Even Drinkin'
The downtempo feel of Hello Goodbye is fleeting as Farr follows it up with Ain't Even Drinkin' which gives us an upbeat country pop feel.  Ain't Even Drinkin' is another catchy tune by Farr that makes for another possible entry into country music radio that could climb the charts as quickly as Redneck Crazy

Wish I Had A Boat
Tyler Farr's whimsical tune Wish I Had A Boat is a summer tune that'll be heard in many a parking lot party in 2014.  This tailgate tune about dreams of floating on a lake has everything that makes a good drunk singalong before a concert.  If things go the way we see them going, people will be listening to this tune as they party before seeing Farr as the opening act for a big name star.

Chicks, Trucks and Beer (featuring Colt Ford) - 13 Bars Pick of the Album
Following up one country party tune with another, Farr's Chicks Trucks and Beer features country rap legend Colt Ford.  This song is a surefire staple on the party playlist of young country fans and you can expect to hear it turned up to 11 during summer 2014 tailgates and BBQ's.  Simply put, Chicks Trucks and Beer is summer fun in lyrical form.

With Cowgirl, Farr gets back to more traditional country and shows that he's a versatile artists capable of upbeat country pop and traditional true country music.  We like what we hear out of Cowgirl and if Farr is looking for a release that will give him a stronger traditional country base, expect to hear this tune.

Living With The Blues
Keeping with the traditional country theme, Living With The Blues is a slow acoustic number that reminds us of Jamey Johnson's sound.  This is no small compliment given that Johnson is one of country music's most respected artists because of his simple artistry and intoxicatingly emotional lyrics.  While we don't expect this one to be a single release, Living With The Blues is perhaps the most lyrically stirring tunes on the album

Follow Farr on Twitter Here
Check the album out on iTunes Here

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Marijuana in Country

Country Music Sees Rise in Reefer References

In modern country music beer and tobacco are ever-present but increasingly we're hearing country stars mention marijuana in their songs.  Years ago, mention of marijuana would likely have been unpopular (Unless its coming from Willie Nelson) in country music but nowadays we're seeing country singers identify with a younger generation of fans by singing about weed.  Here are a few jams that sing about marijuana in all of its emerald glory.

Eric Church - I'm Getting Stoned

This live version of the Eric Church ode to marijuana talks about having grass be a remedy for a broken heart.  Church is no stranger to singing about weed as his songs "These Boots" and "Smoke A Little Smoke" both make mention of stashing marijuana and of course, smoking it.

Buy the album version Here and get the live version Here

Aaron Lewis - Country Boy

Aaron Lewis's low tempo "Country Boy" pays reverence to marijuana in lieu of alcohol which according to Lewis "has been know to change a man".

Check out Lewis's song about grass on iTunes Here

Toby Keith - Weed With Willie

This comedic tune from Toby Keith warns the listener not to smoke weed with country great Willie Nelson because he'll leave you dazed and confused.  Let this song be a warning, although it may sound like smoking with Willie Nelson would be a good time, if Toby Keith can't handle it, you can't either.  For more Toby Keith reefer action check out "Haven't Had a Drink All Day" Here

Check it out on Toby Keith's "Shock 'n Y'all" album Here

Kip Moore - Fly Again 

Kip Moore's song about breaking up with someone and letting go makes this list for the line "Once I've finally caught me a buzz, I won't give a damn and I'll roll one up".  Moore also mentions "lighting one up" and "counting his smoke rings in the dark" in order forget about the girl that did him wrong.

Check out Kip Moore's "Fly Again" and the entire "Up All Night" album Here

Ashley Monroe - Weed Instead of Roses

Ashley Monroe is the kinda girl that knows what she wants and in "Weed Instead of Roses" she wants to light a new flame in her relationship by taking a flame to the end of a joint.  This song about catching a buzz from weed has created a buzz around country music lately so be one of the first to have it by checking it out Here

Honorable Mentions 

Zac Brown Band - Toes

"Roll a big fat one". Enough said. 

Check it out Here

JB and the Moonshine Band - Yes

The reference here is subtle but its definitely there.  "Have I ever smelled skunk, when it ain't one died".  Those who have been around this medical green leaf before know just what JB and the Moonshine Band is talking about here.  

Check out the song Here

Chase Rice "Ready Set Roll Tour" Preview

Chase Rice Set To Kick Off National Tour October 3rd

Chase Rice will kick off his tour across the United States tomorrow, October 3rd, beginning at Bogart's in Cincinnati, Ohio with Sam Hunt.  Rice has gained a lot of notoriety over the past 6 months, breaking onto the scene with his fuse of country, rock, and hip-hop, much like Florida Georgia Line.  Other artists that he will be performing with include The Chris Lane Band and A Thousand Horses.  Rice will be a blast to watch perform, so if he's coming to your area, don't miss him.  Check Chase's tour dates and locations here on his website.  Also don't forget to check out the "Ready Set Roll" EP being released on October 15th. 

Purchase tickets for shows near you from Ticketmaster Here

Check out all Chase Rice's music on iTunes Here

Follow Chase Rice on Twitter for news and updates Here

Brett Kissel - "Started With A Song" Review

Gettin' Down to Some Canadian Country 

In keeping with our Canadian theme today, we're reviewing Warner Music Canada's Brett Kissel on his new single "Started With A Song".  If you follow Kissel on Twitter you know he's a hard worker when it comes to promoting his music, and this song shows that he also puts a tremendous amount of care into his tunes.  "Started With A Song" sounds like it's product of a modern Nashville native with a fiddle, banjo and electric guitar providing the instrumental and Kissel's vocal giving this song some serious radio potential.  We look forward to seeing where Kissel goes from here because we see a serious future for him in American country music.

Check Kissel out on twitter Here
Check him out on iTunes Here

Dallas Smith - "Tippin' Point" Review

New Single From Country Crossover Singer

Country fans first heard of Dallas Smith from his summer country anthem "Nothing But Summer" which came from his debut country album.  That said, Smith is no stranger to making music, serving as  the lead singer of the Canadian rock band Default which has released four albums in its tenure.  Just yesterday Smith released the country pop number "Tippin Point" which sounds similar to Luke Bryan's "Crash My Party" album.  With lyrics addressing booze, good times, and pretty women, Smith is surely looking for some mainstream crossover success with this song and we don't doubt that this songs catchy beat and lyrics will get him just that.  It also doesn't hurt that Smith has been hanging around with some of country's best over the past few weeks with opening gigs for such stars as Florida Georgia Line, Colt Ford, and Jason Aldean.  Look for this one on the airwaves soon and don't forget to be one of the first to pick it up when it's released on the 8th of October.

Check Dallas Smith out Here on Twitter

Buy the new single on iTunes on the 8th of October, we'll be sure to update this post with a link.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chase Rice - "Ready Set Roll" Review

Chase Rice is Ready and Rolling 

From being a Linebacker for UNC Chapel Hill football team, to carrying tires on pit crews for Jimmie Johnson and Ryan Newman, to competing on Survivor: Nicaragua, to rising to country stardom, Chase Rice does it all.  Recently, Rice released this promotional title track for his EP "Ready Set Roll" and we think the track might provide and inkling into what the EP is going to sound like.  "Ready Set Roll" is reminiscent of Chase Rice's friends from Florida Georgia Line who have rode a country sound that has elements of hip-hop all the way to country superstardom.  Chase Rice's previous work has had elements of rock and hip-hop but his latest jam seems to have even more than in the past.  If you're a fan of Florida Georgia Line then we are sure you'll be a fan of Chase Rice and his EP which will be available for pre-order on iTunes in a week and released on the 15th.

Follow Chase on twitter Here
Check out Chase Rice's past work on iTunes Here

Florida Georgia Line Deluxe Edition Album Release

"Here's To The Good Times... This Is How We Roll" To Be Released October 25th

The amount of success the Florida Georgia Line has experienced over this past year is incredible and they're at it again.  It'll be very interesting to get an inside look into the duo's experiences as we will get the chance to take a look at the "exclusive behind the scenes content" mentioned in their Facebook announcement.  We also can't wait to see what FGL brings to the table in the 5 new songs they're expected to release on the new album.  We have high hopes for the star duo, and they've done nothing but surpass our expectations in the past.

Check out their Twitter for all the latest FGL news Here

Songs For The Season

13 Bars Picks to End The Summer and Get You Ready For The Fall

It's already October 1st and the change of season is looming.  The temperatures dropping along with the leaves.  It's jeans, flannels, bonfires, football, and country music.  Here's our 13 Bars fall picks to get you in the autumn spirit, and transition you from a great summer.

"Boys Of Fall" - Kenny Chesney

Nothing can get you excited for fall like Kenny Chesney singing about his passion: football.

Check out the song on iTunes Here

"Harvest Time" - Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan delivers an awesome track vividly describing the change of season under "the big red moon".

Check the song out on iTunes Here

"Colder Weather" - Zac Brown Band

This song may not be exactly about fall, but it talks about colder weather, and it is feeling a bit brisk outside, so that's good enough for me.  Also, it's just a really great song.

Check it out here on iTunes Here

"Days Go By" - Keith Urban

Summer flew by this year, Urban reminds us how quickly the days go by and to enjoy the ones we have.  Here's hoping the days fly by until next summer.
Check out the song on iTunes Here

"Beat This Summer" - Brad Paisley 

As summer comes to an end, here's to the best summer yet, and the best summer yet to come.

Check out the song on iTunes Here

"Drink To That All Night" - Jerrod Niemann

Niemann's New Single Released Yesterday Receives Positive Radio Response

Niemann released his new single yesterday, and according to his website jerrodniemannofficial.com, the song had an early local radio release on September 25 "and the pre-release response from the radio has already been tremendous." The song has a pop music feel that one might not expect from Niemann; it's a little different than your traditional country song. You're gonna have to take a listen for yourself and be the judge.

Check out the song on iTunes Here

Album Review - Before The Sun Comes Up

John David Kent Has That "Country Twang"

We previewed John David Kent's new album last week and blogged about its release yesterday but today we're giving it a full top to bottom review.  If this album gets picked up by country radio, it's sure to get JDK noticed on the national level as he puts out a solid mix of down tempo and upbeat songs all of which are very well produced.  Listening to this album in full was a treat as it had consistent feel without being too repetitive or having the songs sound too similar.  This is an absolute must buy for those who need a new album to cruise around to with the windows down.

Song By Song Breakdown

Country Twang
With a badass electric guitar and a foot stomping beat, Country Twang is a bound to be a favorite on the album for those who enjoy Toby Keith.  This hard-nosed first song sets the tone for the album which is markedly more rugged than his previous work.

Before The Sun Comes Up
The message of this one is similar to that of Kip Moore's "Up All Night" in its 'young and on the run all night' type feel.  Young country fans will take a particular liking to this one as it provides the perfect background anthem to free living during high school and collegiate summers.

Fight For You
The third track on this album gives us a different lyrical feel while keeping the overall theme of the album intact.  Fight For You is a song about young love and the tests and trials that it entails.  We love this one for its unique meshing of uptempo beat and emotionally engaging lyrics.

Little Less Lonely
Continuing the trend towards JDK's softer side, Little Less Lonely gives us some nice slow and simple artistry that is always refreshing to hear in contemporary country.  This one is definitely the kind of song that will put you in a calmer mood and let you sink into a more comfortable state of mind.

Leaving Without You
This uniquely rhythmic country tune is one that brings the tempo of the album back up while maintaining the calm and soothing mood set by Fight For You and Little Less Lonely.  With an awesome electric guitar solo towards the middle of the song, Leaving Without You is a solid simplistic country song with rock elements that really gives you an appreciation for JDK's musical talent.

Last Call
Last Call is the kind of song you jack up the volume to on a saturday night to set the mood for a good old fashioned country party.  With a shredding guitar and a pounding beat, Last Call cranks the tempo of the album back up to ten and gets the blood pumping.  Look for this to be a future feature on our Party Pick for the Weekend segment.

Struck a Nerve
If you want a sample of Kent's vocal aptitude check out Struck a Nerve.  His transfer from a rugged verse to a chorus that requires remarkable vocal range is flawless and at 2:09 JDK hits a note that we didn't know we had in him.  All together this one is a simple musical song that outlines Kent's remarkable vocals.

Should've Let Me Go
This song is for the country fan that loves a marriage of straightforward acoustic guitar and smooth melodic electric guitar.  Kent spins a story of a destructive love over a relaxing guitar medley and simple beat that really puts his artistry on display.

Free to Drive
Free to Drive is a song that operates on a simple formula: Freedom, young love and driving on the highway.  This is a must add to your "driving around" playlist as it sends off the perfect vibes for a summer cruise on the open road. 

Until We Turn Around - 13 Bars Pick of the Album

Until We Turn Around ends this album on the perfect note as it embodies the overall theme of his album.  JDK preaches "Laughing and loving and living right now" over a cool laid back instrumental and it makes for song that's both refreshing to country purists and appealing country radio stations.  This meshing is not easy to come by these days and it will almost certainly provide John David Kent with the widespread notoriety that he undoubtedly deserves.

Check it out on iTunes Here

Follow him on Twitter Here

Monday, September 30, 2013

Lady Antebellum - "Compass" Single Review

Lady A Changes Sound and Releases Hit

Lady Antebellum is famous for their ballads with soothing harmonies and an incredibly clean sound.  Today however, the country trio came out with a foot stomping jam that we've fallen in love with here at 13 Bars.  We challenge you not to sing along with the chorus of this infectious tune because we are almost positive its not an achievable feat.  Dave, Hillary, and Charles definitely hit this one out of the park and we look forward to hearing it on the radio for a long time to come.  Expect the Deluxe version of their album "Golden" on iTunes on the November 12th but in the meantime, enjoy "Compass" which is due out on iTunes tomorrow.

Be one of the first to buy their new song Here

Don't Take Driving Lessons From Luke Bryan

It happens? At least he's got a good sense of humor.

Check out Luke's Twitter for updates on his music and some comedy Here