Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Album Review - "Ready Set Roll"

Chase Rice is Ready and Rolling

Chase Rice has done it all with a history in college football, NASCAR, Survivor, and country music.  This rising star of country has followed a formula that has taken off with popularity lately by meshing country themes and elements of pop and rap.  Today, Rice released a six song Extended Play that has the country-pop crossover fans licking their chops.  His sound is far from traditional but it has already taken off as the top selling album on iTunes this week and there is undoubtedly no looking back for this jack of all trades.

Song By Song Breakdown

Ready Set Roll

Chase Rice has had success with country pop songs in the past and this song certainly reflects that past success.  With an intro fit for Will.I.Am and pop elements dominating the song's theme, Ready Set Roll seems destined for crossover success.  Pop radio and Country radio will jump at the chance to play this song as it has a similar sound to Florida Georgia Line's Cruise Remix with rap star Nelly.  Traditionalists will certainly not jump at this tune but the newest wave of country music fans will love this track.

Party Up featuring Colt Ford
With this tune, Chase Rice appeals to the established fans of Hick Hop by teaming up with its innovator Colt Ford.  If there was any doubt as to whether Rice was appealing to young country fans with this EP, this song snuffs it out by singing about partying and loud music.  Party Up certainly isn't going to hit it big with Cash fans but don't be surprised to hear this tune all over the tailgate scene in 2014.

Country In Ya
Make no mistake about it, Country In Ya is a Hick Hop tune through and through.  The introduction instrumental could be mistaken for a rapper's beat and Rice comes through with some polished pipes alongside some rapping that will have crossover fans excited.  If there any question as to whether the latest country rap trend was going anywhere, Rice's Country In Ya answers with a resounding no.

Look At My Truck - 13 Bars Pick of The Album
With Look At My Truck, fans will get a glimpse at Rice's softer side through reminiscing lyrics and a soothing country verse.  As Rice takes it to the chorus, we get back to the pop feel and the transition from verse to chorus is seamless.  We love the feel of this song as it keeps its country integrity and feel all while appealing to a broader audience.  Look for this song to have widespread radio success in the future.

Best Beers Of Our Lives
This country-pop crossover tune will be dominating the barbecue and tailgate scene in 2014 for the younger crowd.  With lyrics referencing booze, partying, girls and the "best beers of our lives", this tune has all of the requisites required of a popular contemporary crossover party song and we have no doubt that it will reach great success.

How She Rolls
Fans of Chase Rice have heard this tune before as it has been released as a single previously.  This tune is more of a marrying of country and rock and it is the kind of song that will have you cranking up the volume in your car or truck.  If you've been a fan of Chase Rice's early work, this song keeps with his earlier style of country rock and it will be a welcomed revisit for most.

Check out the EP on iTunes Here

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