Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What's Popular In Country Today

Fireball Whisky

Fireball Whisky has become a highly sought out compliment to country music over the past year.  Ever since a shout out by Florida Georgia Line in the hit track "Round Here", the demand seems to have soared off the charts.  Its a smooth cinnamon flavored Canadian whisky that tastes similarly to the candy Red Hot Fireballs.  It's rich flavor goes down extremely easy, and it is easily drank neat. However, if you prefer not to drink it straight, our favorite drink is a "Twisted Balls": 1 part Fireball, 5 parts Twisted Tea, 1 lemon wedge.  Simply pour the ingredients over ice and enjoy.  It goes well when you're rocking to country music giving you the sweet cinnamon taste as well as the sweet tea flavor - with a bit of a kick.  Head down to your local watering hole or package store and pick up some Fireball Whisky, it "tastes like heaven, burns like hell".

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"Round Here" - Florida Georgia Line

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