Friday, October 11, 2013

Justin Moore - "Lettin' The Night Roll" Review

Moore's Southern Love Makes for a Killer Tune

Justin Moore has always been one of country's good ole boys singing songs about fishing, the backwoods and kicking some ass.  But with "Lettin' the Night Roll", Moore slows it down a little bit, citing a rise in female attendance at his shows as the rationale.  Moore has been making the ladies swoon of late with tunes such as "Til My Last Day" and "Point at You" making for big releases in the female demographic.  It's hard not to love Moore because he sticks to his guns and consistently puts out traditional country songs and still sees mainstream success.  While he does have some contemporary country songs on his latest album "Off The Beaten Path", he has released songs with his signature pure country twang thus far.  It will be interesting to see which way Justin goes from here and whether he maintains his pure country persona or starts to lean more towards the likes of Luke Bryan.  Either way the product will be polished and radio ready as it always is for Moore but in the meantime we'd rather cut the speculation and enjoy some good music from a great country artist.  Check out Moore take on the cut below and be sure to check it out on iTunes Here

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