Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eric Church - "The Outsiders" Release & Album Expectations

The Outsiders Are Poised to Take Over Country Music

     Country got a little more badass yesterday with the release of Eric Church's "The Outsiders" to iTunes. Ever since his rugged tracks from his Chief album hit it big, Church has been the poster-boy for rocking country music and "The Outsiders" solidifies this position on top.  In his latest single, Church takes his signature bad boy attitude to the next level by mixing country music with elements of Tom Petty (listen to when he says "and the regulators born to regulate") and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (check out the bass solo towards the end of the tune).  This makes for a crossover tune that shows musical maturity that bodes well for the future of Eric Church's recording and performance career.
     Above is a video Church released via Facebook last week that got the Church Choir faithful excited for some new content after more than two years of patient waiting.  This new release does the job of satiating his fans' hunger for the time being but now the focus will turn to the expectation of a new album.  We expect Church to really carve out his own niche in country music as the bad boy rocker with both his latest anthem and the upcoming album.  Church already has a cult following in country-rock circles but if his upcoming is as impressive as Chief, we can expect to see Church headlining a major tour this upcoming summer.  Church has all the tools to become entertainer of the year in the future, despite being a self-proclaimed country music "outsider".  As you lay in wait for Church's new content, get jacked up by putting "The Outsiders" on repeat with the volume up as high as it can go.

Check this tune on out iTunes Here and just imagine this one being played in concert. Can you say electric?

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