Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rodney Atkins - "Doin' It Right" Review

Rodney Atkins Does it Right

Rodney Atkins is certainly not a stranger to country music success with songs like, "These Are My People", "Watching You" and "Take A Back Road" having hit it big on country radio.  Fortunately for Atkins, his latest single "Doin' It Right" has a similar ring to it as all of his previous hits with the same small town charm.  "Doin It Right" is a really uplifting tune that outlines the goodness within us all and that is undoubtedly an idea we can all get behind.  The songwriter, Jay Knowles, has written songs for some of country music's best including Alan Jackson and George Straight.  This time around Knowles hooked up with Atkins who seems to be the perfect singer for this number and its makes for a surefire hit.  Atkins is also enlisting the help of his fans in the making of the lyric video for this song.  Check out the specifics in the video below.

Listen to the preview of "Doin' It Right" on iTunes Here

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