Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Marijuana in Country

Country Music Sees Rise in Reefer References

In modern country music beer and tobacco are ever-present but increasingly we're hearing country stars mention marijuana in their songs.  Years ago, mention of marijuana would likely have been unpopular (Unless its coming from Willie Nelson) in country music but nowadays we're seeing country singers identify with a younger generation of fans by singing about weed.  Here are a few jams that sing about marijuana in all of its emerald glory.

Eric Church - I'm Getting Stoned

This live version of the Eric Church ode to marijuana talks about having grass be a remedy for a broken heart.  Church is no stranger to singing about weed as his songs "These Boots" and "Smoke A Little Smoke" both make mention of stashing marijuana and of course, smoking it.

Buy the album version Here and get the live version Here

Aaron Lewis - Country Boy

Aaron Lewis's low tempo "Country Boy" pays reverence to marijuana in lieu of alcohol which according to Lewis "has been know to change a man".

Check out Lewis's song about grass on iTunes Here

Toby Keith - Weed With Willie

This comedic tune from Toby Keith warns the listener not to smoke weed with country great Willie Nelson because he'll leave you dazed and confused.  Let this song be a warning, although it may sound like smoking with Willie Nelson would be a good time, if Toby Keith can't handle it, you can't either.  For more Toby Keith reefer action check out "Haven't Had a Drink All Day" Here

Check it out on Toby Keith's "Shock 'n Y'all" album Here

Kip Moore - Fly Again 

Kip Moore's song about breaking up with someone and letting go makes this list for the line "Once I've finally caught me a buzz, I won't give a damn and I'll roll one up".  Moore also mentions "lighting one up" and "counting his smoke rings in the dark" in order forget about the girl that did him wrong.

Check out Kip Moore's "Fly Again" and the entire "Up All Night" album Here

Ashley Monroe - Weed Instead of Roses

Ashley Monroe is the kinda girl that knows what she wants and in "Weed Instead of Roses" she wants to light a new flame in her relationship by taking a flame to the end of a joint.  This song about catching a buzz from weed has created a buzz around country music lately so be one of the first to have it by checking it out Here

Honorable Mentions 

Zac Brown Band - Toes

"Roll a big fat one". Enough said. 

Check it out Here

JB and the Moonshine Band - Yes

The reference here is subtle but its definitely there.  "Have I ever smelled skunk, when it ain't one died".  Those who have been around this medical green leaf before know just what JB and the Moonshine Band is talking about here.  

Check out the song Here

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