Monday, October 7, 2013

13 Bars Must Listen: "Like A Whisper" - Ashton Lane & Jacqueline Tessier Platt

You may have never heard of this band before, and for that, you're missing out.  Ashton Lane is a country band from Scotland - yes we know, that's a little different and may turn you away.  However, country music is not limited to one city, one state, one country, it's clear that it's expanded everywhere, and don't count these guys out because of their origins.  The band has a very similar sound to Lady Antebellum or The Band Perry, and that is no joke.  Earlier this year, back in March, they released the country single "Like A Whisper", and I'm regretful that it took us this long to discover it, because it's a great song.  The band teamed up with aspiring lyricist Jacqueline Tessier Platt.  Ashton Lane actually has a very unique and interesting concept - "Bespoken Songs".  They allow anyone who has lyrics or even an idea for a song to reach out to them and try to work in unison to produce a track, which is how Jacqueline reached them.  Together, Ashton Lane and Jacqueline co-wrote the single, as well as another one titled "I Can Breathe You In".  Jacqueline is an amazing lyricist who's an acclaimed and awarded poet, but has a true passion for music.  She's trying to break into the country music scene, which we believe won't be hard for her after the great work she did with Ashton Lane.  The song has a soft melody, and touching, soft lyrics that could be traced back to Jacqueline's background in poetry.  Ashton Lane has a great acoustic sound, and you can hear there pop background in their music, which works extremely well for them.  They have a great sound, and a truly amazing single in "Like A Whisper" that you need to check out.  Ashton Lane is also giving you a chance to get 7 free songs so be sure to click on the link we posted below. We can't praise this band and song enough, so you have to listen for yourself:

Check out the single "Like A Whisper" on iTunes Here

Check out Ashton Lane's last album "Magic In The Air" Here

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Ashton Lane is giving you the chance to get 7 FREE SONGS HERE

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Check out "I Can Breathe You In" co-written with Jacqueline Here

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