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Album Review - Redneck Crazy

Tyler Farr's New Record Definitely "Makes You Wanna Drink"

Most of us first heard of Tyler Farr when his debut single "Redneck Crazy" made a huge splash on country radio.  The gruff sounding country newcomer rode the success of his hit single with an album under the same name.  Redneck Crazy is a fun album with a solid amount of variety that will likely provide Farr with three or more singles.  If you're into rugged country voices and upbeat modern country, you'll undoubtedly fall in love with this album.  

Song By Song Breakdown

The kickoff song to Farr's album, Dirty is rich with country imagery and fun lyrics that will have you singing along before you know it.  The chorus is a fun take on a country girl loving a country boy and its sure to see success if it is released as a single.

Makes You Wanna Drink
This song is a southern country summer party in lyrical form with mentions of warm weather, girls in daisy dukes, flip flops, and a case of America's favorite cheap bear: Busch Light.  If Farr releases this one as a single next spring, expect to hear it every time you turn on country radio because it has hit summer single written all over it.

Redneck Crazy

If you're reading this blog, you've no doubt heard this seemingly omnipresent country tune about a cheating girl breaking the wrong heart.  Country radio has fallen in love with Redneck Crazy since its release in February which has been a huge component of the overwhelming success of the album.  The music video certainly doesn't lack star power as it features famed country artists Lee Brice and Colt Ford and Duck Dynasty frontman Willie Robertson.

Whiskey In My Water
This mid-tempo jam has some serious radio potential with one of the smoothest chorus's on the album.  With mentions of Whiskey, moonshine and beautiful girls, this tune is destined for mainstream success in country music.

Hot Mess
Another in a line of songs that seems perfect for radio release, Hot Mess tells the story of a girl with a bit of wild side that has Farr's "Heart beating out of [his] chest".  Am upbeat tale about pretty girls rarely flops in country music and Hot Mess will most certainly not be the exception to that rule.

Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye is the first real pace change of the album and its focus on Farr's vocals make it a great addition to the album.  In this one we don't get the normal rugged quality of Farr's voice, instead we get a soothing high register vocal performance that is reminiscent of country megastar Vince Gill.  Pretty good company if you ask us.

Ain't Even Drinkin'
The downtempo feel of Hello Goodbye is fleeting as Farr follows it up with Ain't Even Drinkin' which gives us an upbeat country pop feel.  Ain't Even Drinkin' is another catchy tune by Farr that makes for another possible entry into country music radio that could climb the charts as quickly as Redneck Crazy

Wish I Had A Boat
Tyler Farr's whimsical tune Wish I Had A Boat is a summer tune that'll be heard in many a parking lot party in 2014.  This tailgate tune about dreams of floating on a lake has everything that makes a good drunk singalong before a concert.  If things go the way we see them going, people will be listening to this tune as they party before seeing Farr as the opening act for a big name star.

Chicks, Trucks and Beer (featuring Colt Ford) - 13 Bars Pick of the Album
Following up one country party tune with another, Farr's Chicks Trucks and Beer features country rap legend Colt Ford.  This song is a surefire staple on the party playlist of young country fans and you can expect to hear it turned up to 11 during summer 2014 tailgates and BBQ's.  Simply put, Chicks Trucks and Beer is summer fun in lyrical form.

With Cowgirl, Farr gets back to more traditional country and shows that he's a versatile artists capable of upbeat country pop and traditional true country music.  We like what we hear out of Cowgirl and if Farr is looking for a release that will give him a stronger traditional country base, expect to hear this tune.

Living With The Blues
Keeping with the traditional country theme, Living With The Blues is a slow acoustic number that reminds us of Jamey Johnson's sound.  This is no small compliment given that Johnson is one of country music's most respected artists because of his simple artistry and intoxicatingly emotional lyrics.  While we don't expect this one to be a single release, Living With The Blues is perhaps the most lyrically stirring tunes on the album

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