Monday, September 30, 2013

Lady Antebellum - "Compass" Single Review

Lady A Changes Sound and Releases Hit

Lady Antebellum is famous for their ballads with soothing harmonies and an incredibly clean sound.  Today however, the country trio came out with a foot stomping jam that we've fallen in love with here at 13 Bars.  We challenge you not to sing along with the chorus of this infectious tune because we are almost positive its not an achievable feat.  Dave, Hillary, and Charles definitely hit this one out of the park and we look forward to hearing it on the radio for a long time to come.  Expect the Deluxe version of their album "Golden" on iTunes on the November 12th but in the meantime, enjoy "Compass" which is due out on iTunes tomorrow.

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Don't Take Driving Lessons From Luke Bryan

It happens? At least he's got a good sense of humor.

Check out Luke's Twitter for updates on his music and some comedy Here

New Albums Out Today

Colt Ford, John David Kent, Tyler Farr New Releases

Today saw the release of three country albums and you can expect to see complete reviews of each one throughout the week but for now heres a sampling of the new content we heard today

John David Kent - Before The Sun Comes Up

JDK promised us an album that we could drive around and feel free to and he did not disappoint.  This album came through with flying colors with songs like "Before the Sun Comes Up", "Until We Turn Around" and "Last Call" that have us ready to drive with the windows down and keep the summer around just a little longer.  This record is a must for all young country fans out there who enjoy party tunes.

Check it out on iTunes Here

Tyler Farr - Redneck Crazy

This country newcomer who struck it big with his single "Redneck Crazy" has come out with his debut album titled after his first single.  It's full of songs that are destined for country music success with a sound that is relatively similar to that of Brantley Gilbert.  Much like Gilbert's "Dirt Road Anthem", Farr enlists the hick-hop star Colt Ford for his song "Chicks, Trucks and Beer" which is a nice ditty for a southern friday night.  We expect to see Farr ride this album for at least 4 singles as it is a well produced album that could propel him into country stardom.

Listen up on iTunes

Colt Ford - Ride Through the Country (Revisited)

Colt Ford, the creator of the Hick Hop genre, put out an album today that is a revisit to his debut album from 2008.  Colt Ford never ceases to amaze as he continually gets the biggest names in country as features on his album and consistently puts out wildly unique and catchy tunes.  If you're as good as the company you keep then Colt Ford is as good as it gets with features from such stars as Ronnie Dunn, John Michael Montgomery, Joe Diffie, and Jamey Johnson.  The album is an interesting concept as Colt Ford puts out remakes of some of his classics with different features helping him out.  This fresh look at a classic album makes for a solid release by our favorite country rapper.

Listen to the revisit to the Ride Through the Country album Here

Artist To Look For: Nick Boemler

Nick Boemler Has Released 2 Singles In 2013

Nick Boemler is a name you may not have heard on the radio, or in much country music talk, but he's definitely an artist you're gonna want to keep your eye on in the near future.  Boemler has a unique style, and a certain bad-ass country feel that reminds us of Eric Church.  He may not be the talk of Nashville today, but we have a feeling you'll know who this guy is soon.  Check out his 2 singles on iTunes "Press Play" released in April, and "Someday" released in February.

Check out "Press Play" on iTunes Here

Check out "Someday" on iTunes Here

13 Bars Reminder

Don't Forget to Download and Request Brad Long's "Every Heart Has a Different Road"

Just a reminder to check out Brad Long's newest single written by Lee Brice.  The song was released back on September 16th.  Long is a talented artist sure to be a breakthrough star in no time.

Check out our review of the song Here

Check out Brad Long's website Here

BUY the hit single here on iTunes Here

Songs You May Not Know

Songs You May Not Have Heard By The Artists You Love

"Sing 'Em Good My Friend" - Kenny Chesney

The last 2 albums that Kenny Chesney released "Welcome To The Fishbowl" (2012) and "Life On a Rock" (2013) haven't been Chesney's most successful albums, but include hidden gems that were never released as radio singles.  This song off "Welcome To The Fishbowl" is hands down one of our favorites.

Check out Kenny's most recent album and "Sing 'Em Good My Friend" Here

"My Girl" - John David Kent

This single off JDK's self titled debut album, which was released back in 2011 is a song that might have been easy to miss in the past, but it is a truly great country song.  Be sure to also check out JDK's new album "Before The Sun Comes Up", which was released today.

Check out JDK's past and present hits Here

"Country In My Soul" - Florida Georgia Line

This hit was released as bonus single on the Target Only Edition of FGL's most recent album "Here's To The Good Times".  FGL even played it a few times live during this summer's Dirt Road Diaries Tour where they opened for LUke Bryan.  It was definitely one of our favorite songs of the summer, and if you haven't heard it yet, it's bound to become an instant favorite.

Check out the Target Only Edition Here

"Country & Cold Cans" - Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley has always been a country star, but it seems like some of his best songs never make the radio, and therefore fly under the radar.  Back in 2012 Dierks released the "Country & Cold Cans" EP, which included nothing but 4 hits including this track.

Check out Dierks Bentley's EP Here

"Dirt Road Diary" - Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is a country superstar releasing hit after hit after hit.  However, some our favorites are the songs that never make it as radio singles, and aren't ever in the billboard top charts, including this track off his most recent album "Crash My Party", which was released back in August.

Check out the album and track Here

Friday, September 27, 2013

Weston Burt - "Smile That Smile" Review

Newcomer Weston Burt Give Us Solid Tune

(Not the radio edit)

Young country newcomer Weston Burt has released the radio edit for his latest single "Smile That Smile" and 13 Bars projects its iTunes feature will give it the publicity it rightfully deserves.  Burt has released one previous single, the title track for his first EP "Lucky Sometimes".  His sound is similar to that of young country star Easton Corbin only with a larger vocal range.  It would be no surprise if Burt rides "Smile That Smile" to a gig as an opening act for a large country tour and subsequently into country music notoriety.  Check this song out and let him know what you think on his Twitter account.

Check the radio edit of his single out Here

Party Pick For The Weekend - Colt Ford featuring JJ Lawhorn "Answer to No One"

Confederate Party Jam

This song by Colt Ford is confederate America in lyrical form and it is an absolutely perfect party jam for this weekend.  If you don't have this one on a party playlist your missing out big time as it's bound to get everyone in a "Don't Tread On Me" patriotic mood.  The formula for this one is as follows, throw it on your iPod, turn it up to 11, enjoy.  An all-american party made easy.

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Check out this song and others from Colt For on iTunes and listen to more for Lawhorn Here

Little Big Town - "Sober" Review

Big Buzz Surrounding "Sober"

Little Big Town gained stardom through their seemingly omnipresent radio hits "Boondocks" and "Pontoon" both of which were unique upbeat twists to country music.  Their latest release after "Your Side of the Bed" which did not reach widespread radio success, will be their crafty love song "Sober".  This slower Little Big Town jam likens love to booze buzz and the line "When I die, I don't wanna go sober" is a very inventive lyrical spin that makes "Sober" one of the more unique love songs to come out of country music lately.  Little Big Town picked a good time of year to release this song as it would have been a sure flop in a summer dominated by uptempo jams.  This song is likely going to get a good share of country radio airplay and the attention will be completely warranted.  A smooth jam with very sharp lyrics, "Sober" will surely cure their "Your Side of The Bed" woes.

Check out LBT on Twitter and take a peak at "Sober" and the rest of the "Tornado" album Here

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Country Classics That We're Still Listening To

"I Got a Feelin'" - Billy Currington

With the release of Currington's new album, we can't forget the song that broke him onto the scene back in 2002 from his debut self titled album.

Check out Billy Currington's debut album and classic single on iTunes Here

"I Go Back" - Kenny Chesney 

Everyone knows country superstar Kenny Chesney.  Chesney has a countless number of hits including this classic released in 2004 off his album "When The Sun Goes Down".  Chesney just had his last stop on his 2013 No Shoes Nation Tour back in August at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA.

Check out Chesney's classic album and hit track on iTunes Here

"Red Dirt Road" - Brooks & Dunn

Brooks & Dunn announced their retirement as a duo in 2010 as they both decided to pursue solo careers after 20 years performing together.  They released one of their biggest hits, the title track of the album "Red Dirt Road" back in 2003, and it is still a hit today.

Check out the album and title track on iTunes Here

"Hell On The Heart" - Eric Church

Eric Church became a superstar after the release of his single "Springsteen" from his hit album "Chief" back in 2011.  However, Church was recording hit songs before that, such as "Hell On The Heart" from 2 years earlier in 2009. 

Check out all Eric Church's hits from his debut album to his most recent release on iTunes Here

"Drive (For Daddy Gene)" - Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson needs no introduction.  He's been releasing hits since his first single in 1989, and released the title track "Drive (For Daddy Gene)" back in 2002.  Jackson is one of country's household names and recently released "The Bluegrass Album" on September 24th.  It's a nice change of pace as bluegrass music has lost popularity with the current generation. 

Check out Alan Jackson's new album and classic hits on iTunes Here

Album Art for Jake Owen's "Days of Gold"

Followers and Fans of Jake Owen Get First Look at Album Cover

Facebook fans and Twitter followers of Jake Owen got the first look at his album cover for his 4th studio record "Days of Gold".  The cover features Owen in his element, out on a boat on the coast of somewhere beautiful.  He reuses the infinity wave symbol from his latest EP "Endless Summer" as a background to the title which might indicate that this may be the Jake Owen signature from now on.  The album which features the hit title track "Days of Gold" comes out December 4th and should produce some solid hits for Owen.

Check out our previous blogs on Owen Here and Here.
Check out the "Days of Gold" single Here on iTunes and give him a follow on his Twitter page.

Artist Spotlight - Cole Swindell

"Chillin' It" Star's Bright Future

If you ever tune into XM radio's The Highway you have without a doubt heard this promising young artist's cool country tune "Chillin' It".  Cole Swindell, a Georgia boy at heart, has hit the mainstream stage this year as an opener at Luke Bryan shows in Panama City and perhaps more notably as a fill-in for Thompson Square on Luke's Dirt Road Diaries tour.  We here at 13 Bars were fortunate enough see Swindell on the Dirt Road Diaries tour and his unfortunately short setlist left us hungry to see more.  Swindell is the writer of Luke Bryan's summer hit, "Just a Sip", Craig Morgan's catchy "Outta My Head", and Scotty McCreery's "Water Tower Town" so he is no stranger to hearing his songs on country radio but nowadays he's hearing his own voice.  While "Chillin' It" is the only song currently on the radio for Swindell, he has plenty of other songs to check on on his ReverbNation account.  If you loved "Chillin' It" we also recommend his upbeat tune "Hey Y'all" which will have you ready to raise a little hell while taking down a few cold beers.  Given that Swindell signed a deal with Warner Brothers this summer, you can expect to see him coming out with some new music in the relatively near future.  You can expect Swindell's raw potential on his self-realeased tunes to translate into star-power when its under the Warner Bros label.  If you like what you heard from "Chillin' It" you can check it out on iTunes Here.

Don't forget to follow Cole on twitter Here so you can stay updated on this young stars bright future.

John Thompson: "Cold Beer With Your Name On It" - Review

Studies Shows Beer Tastes Better To This Tune

Josh Thompson has been around country music for a while and his songs could make the mayor of a dry town pop a top and start drowning suds.  His beer-themed song "Beer on the Table"made waves in country music in the summer of 2009 as a great song to listen to at the end of the week while throwing a few cans of brew back.  Fast forward 4 years and Thompson is releasing a new song titled "Cold Beer With Your Name On It" that pays homage to barley soda in all its glory.  This catchy song about catching up with an old flame over a cold one will no doubt be a chart climber and a country radio success.  Thompson released the official lyric video (available above) yesterday and the clean cut has us excited to hear more from this rugged country star in the near future.

Check out the single Here
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brett Eldredge - "Bring You Back" Album Review

"Don't Ya" Backed Up With Solid album

After Brett Eldredge's single "Don't Ya" hit it big, everyone was curious what his "Bring You Back" album would look like.  As it turns out, Eldredge has put together a great record with a perfect mix of fun uptempo tunes and soothing songs that suit his unique voice perfectly.  Eldredge gained notoriety in 2010 with his release of his first single "Raymond" and was not heard from again on a large scale until he burst back onto the scene with "Don't Ya".  After this fun flirty tune reached number one on the US Country Airplay chart, Eldredge released his album and just recently, a new radio single called "Beat Of The Music".  This album, reminiscent of southern soul singer Marc Broussard's album "Carencro", has wet our appetites for more Brett Eldredge music but for the time being, we'll just sit back and enjoy "falling in love to the beat of the music".

Song By Song Breakdown

1. Tell Me Where To Park - 13 Bars Pick of the Album
Tell Me Where to Park is infectious with a southern soul beat that sends off cajun vibes.  If the beat isn't enough to get your blood flowing then the steamy lyrics certainly will as Eldredge outlines a night of aimless driving coming to a head as he switches the gear to park.  Our favorite song from the album, Tell Me Where to Park is a good one to keep an eye on as it seems destined for country radio success.

2. Don't Ya

If you haven't heard this one yet you've no doubt been living under a rock for the entire summer.  This mid-tempo tune is flirty, fun, and catchy which has led to it's takeover of country radio.  Don't Ya pushed Eldredge into the public eye for the first time since "Raymond" and gave him the publicity he needed to make "Bring You Back" an overwhelming success.

3. Bring You Back
The title track from Eldredge's album slows it down a bit with a story of love lost and the feverish attempt to get it back.  Eldredge's deep, full-bodied voice really comes through in this one and his passion gives the song an added dimension.

4. On and On
The 4th song on the "Bring You Back" album tells the story of a shy guy who opens up at the thought of a particular gal.  This one is simple but effective, refreshing, and the perfect song to listen to as the sun goes down on a long day.

5. Gotta Get There
Gotta Get There is an interesting song with cool voice inflections that have you bobbing your head and whistling along.  As Eldredge spins a tale of making a trip to a loved one, he makes making good music sound easy with a simple synth piano and drum set providing most of the backing.

6. One Mississippi
With a smooth piano laying the foundation, this slow Eldredge ballad really highlights the depth of his voice.  This is the kind of song that really makes you step back and appreciate simple artistry and a voice that doesn't come around often.

7. Beat of the Music

This one will have you tapping your foot and falling in love, well... to the Beat of the Music.  A fun tale of love in Mexico, Beat of the Music is a big switch from its predecessor on the album, One Mississippi.  As we mentioned before, this is Eldredge's current single off of the album so you can expect to hear it on the radio in the near future.

8. Waited Too Long
This jam tells a story of missing out on a chance at love with someone that Eldredge has taken for granted.  The similarity between Eldredge's voice and that of Marc Broussard is particularly noticeable in this soulful ditty.

9. Mean To Me
If you ever want a loved one's heart to melt, simply throw Eldredge's album on and play the ninth song.  Mean To Me is a sweet serenade that's hard not to fall in love with as a listener.  With a creative approach to the love song, Eldredge comes up with a song that will likely be quoted in many a love letter.

10. Signs
This one is more traditional country song that sounds like it could have been written for Brad Paisley.  With steel guitar elements, electric guitar and fiddle solos, and small town lyrics, Eldredge spins a song that Nashville will surely fall in love with.

11. Raymond
Raymond is a song that many of us remember from 2010 as the song that introduced us to Brett Eldredge.  A sweet song that tells the tale of a woman with Alzheimer's who addresses Eldredge as "Raymond" thinking he is her son.  If you haven't heard it or simply haven't heard it in a while, give it a listen and make your day a better one.

12. Go On Without Me
From one story of loss to another, Eldredge sings this one with a soothing voice and harmonies sure to impress you.  All said, this song is a great way to end an impeccable album that you're sure to enjoy in its entirety.

Check the album out Here
And if you enjoy a good laugh now and again, Eldredge is a really funny character. Follow him on twitter Here

John David Kent - "Before The Sun Comes Up" Album Preview

John David Kent's New Album Debuts October 1st

John David Kent is an underrated talent.  He has the tools of a country music superstar, and soon enough, will attain that status.  In the video Kent describes the meaning and the process of his new album, and describes it perfectly, saying the album and lyrics portray "that end of innocence feeling."  There is no doubt in my mind that this album will climb its way up the charts and push JDK into the stardom status that he deserves.  Take my advice and get to this album right when it comes out, you won't be disappointed.  For now listen to his single "Until We Turn Around".  It's a great track that will be sure to get you excited for the release of his album.

Check out JDK's single and pre order the album Here

Follow John David Kent on Twitter for news and updates Here

Video Release: Jake Owen's "Days Of Gold"

Jake Owen's Music Video to His New Hit Single Released This Week

Yesterday we featured Jake Owen's new single released in late July "Days of Gold" in our What We're Listening To thread.  Today we're spotlighting his new music video release of the single, that debuted September 20 via his Vevo account.  Any Jake Owen fans knows his passion for all things summer time.  Whether it be a cold beer in the hot sun, or a day out on the lake, you can count on Owen to sing about your favorite summer time activity. His single released during the 2013 dog days of summer highlights Owen's fun-loving attitude and passion for excitement.  The aura that Owen has surrounded himself with is heavily portrayed in this exciting video. From cruising around the lake, to drag racing classic cars, and to crushing on country heart throbs, Jake Owen covers it in his new video.  He will be releasing his newest album titled after this track "Days Of Gold" on December 3rd.  It's a fun song, a fun video, by an all around fun guy.

Check out the audio for the single Here

Florida Georgia Line - "Stay" Review

Kelley and Hubbard Set to Release "Stay" to Airwaves Oct. 8

There are bands that take years to make it big, artists that take the fast track to success, and then there is Florida Georgia Line.  This rocking country duo reached icon status last summer seemingly overnight with their hit single "Cruise" and have been making noise on the charts ever since with their album "Here's to the Good Times".  Having released three fast paced party hits, "Cruise, "Get Your Shine On", and "Round Here", Florida Georgia Line has changed the pace a bit with its latest release "Stay". This one has a slower tempo than their previous singles which makes it a great pick as their newest single.  In releasing "Stay", FGL is proving to country music fans that while they can put out the best party country songs in the business, they can also slow it down and make the ladies weak in the knees.  This showcase of versatility and artistry will likely solidify this country rock duo's spot among country music's elite.  You can expect to hear Stay in early October on country radio and you can expect you hear Florida Georgia Line for a long time to come.

Check out "Stay" and FGL's album "Here's To The Good Times" Here or at Target stores where you can get 2 bonus songs "Country In My Soul" and "What Are You Drinkin' About".

Cassadee Pope "Eleven" Promo Single Review & Album Preview

Star from "The Voice" Set to Release First Full Album

Cassadee Pope made headlines this past year as the winner of NBC's hit show "The Voice".  After being taken under Blake Shelton's wing during her time as a contestant on the show, Pope took the role of a country pop singer similar to Kelly Clarkson.  Pope's powerful first single of of her album "Frame By Frame" was "Wasting All These Tears" which outlines an emotional breakup that drew immediate comparisons to Clarkson's artistry.  Pope has just recently released another promotional single, "Eleven", off of her freshman album.  "11"(Eleven) is a more cerebral song than "Wasting All These Tears" as it follows a young girl's coming of age after her father leaves her mother.  With a voice quality that is arguably unmatched in country music's young female talent,  Pope sings "11" with an emotion that gives the song and incredibly authentic feel.  Country music is in for a treat with Pope's new album as she unveils eleven songs, three of which have been released as singles and promotional singles ("Wasting All These Tears", "You Hear A Song", and "Eleven").  The "Frame By Frame" album is slated to be released on October 8th and will likely confirm the expectations that Pope is not leaving the country music limelight any time soon.

Check out her album here

Brad Long - "Every Heart Has A Different Road" Review

Lee Brice Writes Brad Long's Single

We all know Lee Brice as the singer of hits such as "Love Like Crazy", "A Woman Like You", and "Hard to Love" but not many are aware that Lee Brice has also led an impressive songwriting career.  Having written for country's greats such as Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, and Kenny Chesney, Lee  Brice is no stranger to having his songs be sung by others.  His latest song to hit the airwaves is performed by relative country newcomer, Brad Long, who lends his voice to "Every Heart Has a Different Road".  This song written by Brice alongside Kyle Jacobs and Kylie Sackley, is a ballad with a chorus made for a powerful voice.  Brad Long does not disappoint as his transfer from a low register verse to a high power chorus is seamless.  Long delivers this ballad with a voice similar to that of Garth Brooks who of course led one of country music's most successful careers.  If Long continues to find songs that suit his voice quality as well as "Every Heart Has a Different Road", he will likely enjoy a successful career as well.

Check out Long's Single Here

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Granger Smith - "Miles and Mud Tires" Review

Off His Album "Dirt Road Driveway"

Sitting back and unwinding after a long day has never felt as good as it does when it's to the tune of Granger Smith's upcoming release off of his Dirt Road Driveway album.  Miles and Mud Tires is a relaxing tune about the comfort of familiar dirt roads in your home town.  While some of you may know Granger Smith by his abrasive hick rock alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr., the majority of his tunes are laid back southern jams that are guaranteed to put you in a happier  place.  Granger Smith has been around country music for a while but he has recently gained acclaim from his Dirt Road Driveway album and for good reason.  With more tunes like this, we can expect Granger Smith to hit it big in mainstream country.

Check the album out and Miles and Mud Tires Here

Northern "Country"

You Don't Have To Be From "The Country" To Love Country

Steve Moakler - "This Ain't Rock and Roll"

It doesn't matter where you're from, a love of all things country can start anywhere.  You don't have to be raised below the Mason Dixie Line to love country music and the lifestyle that comes with it.  Keep Calm and Country On.

Check out Steve Moakler's northern country style anthem Here

Album Review - We Are Tonight

Billy Currington's "We Are Tonight" Album

On most albums these days, songs seem to blend together and lack distinctive luster.  Fortunately for country music, Billy Currington's newest release "We Are Tonight" has ten songs, each with its own distinct feel.  From party anthems to sultry songs, to Jack Johnson covers, Currington solidifies himself as one of the most versatile and consistent country stars to have hit the country scene in years.

Song By Song Breakdown

1. Hey Girl 

Hey Girl was Currington's first single release from the "We Are Tonight" album and it has been flying up the charts ever since its introduction in March of this year.  If you've heard this one, it's been stuck in your head all day and you have loved every second of it.  One of the catchiest tunes of 2013, Hey Girl created a lot of buzz surrounding Currington's album and has no doubt been partly responsible for its widespread success.

2. Wingman

Wingman is a whimsical song about Billy's buddy that pulls a fast one on him and heads home with the girl he's been eying.  With a fast paced beat supplemented with heavy brass elements, this song is bound to have you bobbing your head and whistling along in no time at all.

3. One Way Ticket

Listening to this one you might mistake Currington for country great Alan Jackson with a prominent steel guitar and a feel good melody.  Currington is a champion of the feel-good song and this one is a perfect example of that as he preaches "enjoying the ride" and fulfilling a bucket list.  All told this one is a great classic country song.

4.  23 Degrees And South

This one will make your loved ones heart melt.  With sultry verses and a touching string solo Currington puts out another love song that has a laid back feel.  Mixing elements of "Must Be Doing Something Right" and ballads by Chesney, 23 Degrees and South is sure to be a popular song with fans of slower relaxing country music.

5. We Are Tonight - 13 Bars Pick of the Album

The title track for this album lives up to the hype as a young country fan's anthem.  This track is upbeat, fun, and will likely make a huge splash on country radio when it's released as a single.  With references to beer on riverbanks, young love, and living "like there's no tomorrow" We Are Tonight is relatable to the younger generation that has been responsible for much of the recent introduction of country music into popular culture.  Look out for this one because it will be a hit in no time!

6. Hard to be a Hippie (feat. Willie Nelson)

What better way to guarantee a great tune than to feature one of the greats of country music Willie Nelson?  This song has something for the older generation that loves steel guitar twang and the days of old when hitchhiking and getting high were a way of life.  This meshing of new and old is an experiment that makes for a jam for all ages.

7. Closer Tonight

If you loved "Must Be Doing Something Right" you'll love this soft jam.  This song, albeit a bit more uptempo than the sultry title track from "Doin' Something Right", is an emotional tune with an extremely catchy chorus.

8. Another Day Without You

Another Day Without You is a tale of heartache and longing that captures the emotions of feeling lost without someone.  In typical Currington fashion the chorus will have you singing along all day long.  Catchy and smooth this one is another classic in a line of great songs from Currington's "We Are Tonight" album.

9. Banana Pancakes (Jack Johnson Cover)

As if this album didn't have enough variety, Currington comes up with a cool country take on a feel-good Jack Johnson classic.  Banana Pancakes will have you tapping your feet along to the beat in no time and enjoying the steel and electric guitar and soft melodies.  Listen to the whole track for a very cool switch up on the classic that will have you raising an eyebrow!

10. Hallelujah

Hallelujah is a huge switch up for Currington.  There's a soul gospel feel to this song that works well with Currington's distinct voice.  If you don't feel good after listening to Currington's Hallelujah you may very well not be human.

Check out the making of the album below

Follow Currington on Twitter Here

Buy the album Here

What We're Listening To Right Now

Old Crow Medicine Show - "Dixieland Delight"

Back in June OCMS released their EP "Carry Me Back to Virginia" featuring the fast and fun Alabama cover "Dixieland Delight".  OCMS uses their folk sound to add their own twist to the classic, as well as a high tempo fiddle midway through.  It's has a more classic feel and sound, with a great country twang we can all appreciate.

Check out the EP and song on iTunes Here

Granger Smith - "Bury Me In Blue Jeans"

If you don't know who Granger Smith is now, you will soon.  His album "Dirt Road Driveway" is one of our favorites released in the last 6 months.  It's hard to pull one song as a favorite, but this up beat country lifestyle song is an easy listen for all kinds of country music fans.

Check out his entire album and "Bury Me In Blue Jeans" Here

Colt Ford (feat. John Michael Montgomery - "Ride Through the Country"

Diehard country fans know that Colt Ford released this song in 2008.  This is has been a favorite of ours for years.  However, Ford is re-releasing his album "Ride Through Country" in a revisited version on October 1st.  He'll be releasing a new version of the song featuring superstar Ronnie Dunn.  For those of you who haven't heard this before, we highly recommend it.

Check out Colt Ford's original 2008 album and the song "Ride Through the Country" Here

Jake Owen - "Days Of Gold"

Jake Owen needs no introduction.  He released yet another hit recently in the single "Days Of Gold".  This hit is a cover of The Cadillac Three with Owen adding his own distinctive twist to the song.  He has always portrayed a fun-loving spirit in his music, and this track is no exception.  

Check out Jake Owen's new single Here

Billy Currington - "We Are Tonight"

The title song of his latest album released last week is a fast paced song, great for the casual country listener.  It's very catchy and will have you singing along in no time.

Check out Billy Currington's new album and title song Here

Blackjack Billy - "Get Some" Review

Released to iTunes Today

By now you've probably heard their hit party anthem "Booze Cruise" and without wasting any time, Blackjack Billy has come out with another great track.  This one is all about the ladies, well one in particular, who catches the eyes of the guys from Blackjack Billy and get them "all worked up".   While "Get Some" doesn't have the same fast paced party country feel to it as "Booze Cruise", it does not disappoint as this up-and-coming band's second single.  In "Get Some" Blackjack Billy sings about a hot country girl shaking it with harmonies similar to that of Florida Georgia Line, who, as we all know, have skyrocketed to superstardom over the past year.  Given that this is only Blackjack Billy's second single off of their upcoming EP (due out November 18th), this country group seems destined for the same fate as their "Cruise"-singing counterparts.  Country seems to be moving towards rock in the past few years and if you ask us here at 13 Bars,  we anticipate doing a lot more blogs about this redneck rock group hailing from Nashville, Tennessee.  Don't let us be wrong Blackjack Billy.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

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